Vegetarian Sunday Roast

So many pubs don’t serve a veggie roast, leaving us lusting after the roast potatoes on the plates of meat eaters, whilst we slog our way through yet another bowl of pasta or mushroom risotto . Forget finding a meat substitute, adding large slabs of goat’s cheese or heavyweight pies – bring back the nut roast.  It’s easy to make and very tasty.

Here’s my veggie Sunday dinner – these dishes are about a great combination of textures, colours and flavours and much of the preparation can be done in advance – anything to save getting up early on a Sunday morning!  I use Bisto onion gravy because it is veggie – you can make it to your favoured consistency and it gives a good flavour.


Nut roast

Rosemary and garlic roast potatoes

Balsamic roasted vegetables

Spinach with toasted pine nuts

Sweet and sour red cabbage casserole

Jill’s apple crumble 

Published by

Mrs Pantry

Chief Cook

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