Cauldron Vegetable Roast

Having been a tad on the busy side lately I have grabbed the opportunity to check out the latest in ready-made veggie meals, so I thought I would share my findings with you.

First up are Cauldron Foods who make my favourite veggie sausages (and Saturday mornings would not be the same without hot sausage sarnies in thickly-sliced, fresh crusty white bread with mustard and tomato sauce…) Ok, ok, moving on, they now produce a rather tasty vegetable roast.  It’s  a combination of chickpeas and sweet potato and is less than 5% fat, which should meet the approval of our resident nutritionist Jill Pitt.

On opening it looked just like an uncooked haggis which is a little unappealing for us veggies, but it  despite this unpromising start; it was very tasty, kept its shape and sliced up well. You can freeze it and there’s enough for about four people.

Great for non-cooks, people not used to cooking for vegetarians/vegans who need a Sunday lunch option or for those in hurry!

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Mrs Pantry

Chief Cook

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