Higgidy Pies

Finally a company that can produce a good quality veggie pie – not only that, but they make four different kinds – it nearly had me hanging out the bunting – let’s hear it for Higgidy Pies.

Years ago, I used to regularly ask my local supermarket managers why they were so lacking in the veggie pie department. They would look confused, bemused and scratch their heads, whilst muttering something about considering the possibilities of a cheese and onion turnover.  My look of disgust and sigh of despair would usually see them slink off in shame back to the bacon counter – you know where you are with meat eaters.

Quorn pies spectacularly fail to deliver with more air than filling – I would write and complain but c’mon,  even I have only so many complaining hours in one day!

Then it arrived – the Higgidy pie – not just one veggie pie but a choice of flavours and sizes – ok sit yourselves down now before you get over excited.

Higgidy make spinach, feta and toasted pine nut for the larger appetite and three different pies for smaller appetites. We can have Little Moroccan Vegetable and Feta pie, Little Butternut Squash and Red Pepper pie or my absolute favourite, Little Mushroom and Leaf Spinach Pie.

The pastry is cooked to perfection, the fillings delectable; pure joy to your taste buds and there’s not a bit of goat’s cheese in sight – hurrah!

Serve with baby new potatoes cooked with fresh mint, heaps of steamed green vegetables and Bisto onion gravy.

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Mrs Pantry

Chief Cook

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