Cooking together is about more than food

Cheesy_Carrot_SquaresOne of my favourite moments volunteering with Brighton and Hove Food Partnership over the summer wasn’t about cooking and eating the food.

There was a little boy whose mum said to me that he didn’t really talk much. He was certainly very quiet at first, but after a few cooking sessions he was so engaged in learning how to cut up vegetables and make his dinner that he was chatting away and asking ‘what can I do next?’

I’m now helping out on the ‘Cooking on a Budget’ course and between eating the dishes that we’d created as a group, one man said how much he was enjoying the camaraderie around the table. I love that the experience of cooking and eating together as a group has those effects.

The Food Partnership has lots of veggie and vegan recipes on their site, which you can find here including a section on budget recipes.

If you want a healthy snack, try out these Cheesy Carrot Squares – ‘a tasty twist on a flapjack made with carrot.’ And here’s a tip – line your dish with baking paper, make them quite chunky, gently mark into squares when they come out of the oven, then leave too cool before dishing up. Hopefully then you will have tidy squares like the one in the picture and not a mass of thin, but tasty crumble as I had at my first attempt.

Or if you fancy something with a little more kick, then have a go at the Penne Al’Arrabbiata which means Angry Penne!  You can use chilli flakes or powder instead of the fresh chilli.

And for dessert, what better than a slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake?



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