About us

Mrs Pantry is passionate about cooking good vegetarian food. Her latest mission is to show how easy it can be to make delicious veggie meals from a few fresh ingredients and whatever you have in your store cupboard.

She lives in Brighton in the UK which has some of the best vegetarian cafes and restaurants and is a constant source of inspiration.

Mrs Pantry was lucky enough to have a fabulous cookery teacher at school and firmly believes that cooking is a life skill everyone should have the chance to learn.



Jillian Pitt MSc RPHNutr  is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist with the Association of Nutrition and juggles her nutrition career with being a busy Mum. Food is never very far away from her thoughts; whether it is promoting the tasty options of breadsticks and rice cakes to her young daughters; writing about food issues or planning the family’s meals.

Jill is passionate about promoting healthy eating to all sectors of society. Jill has spent a good few years working in public health nutrition and particularly enjoys campaigning for good food to be available as an affordable and healthy choice.

Jill has written extensively on a number of nutrition topics including reports to call the supermarkets to account and irresponsible marketing to children.

Jill very much hopes that she can bust some of the myths about food and shed some light on why certain foods should be eaten in large quantities and why others should only be eaten as treats.  Happy Eating!


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