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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Greetings Mrs Pantry,
    I like the blog and enjoy reading the recipes, although I haven’t quite got around to making any yet. Having thoroughly enjoyed a festive season full of foodie excesses, I have now embarked upon a period of extra healthy eating (kinda). Do you or any of your contributors have any tasty recipes for Quark, the virtually fat free soft cheese? Any assistance to help me get back into my tennis skirt will be gratefully received.
    Katarina Finnovic


  2. Hi Katarina – I will investigate Quark – Jill, our resident nutritionist may be able to help. Are you a professional tennis player?


    1. Hi Nancy – No, I’m not although my erstwhile doubles partner Stefan Yandellovic appears to have ambitions in that direction lately.


  3. Hi Katarina, Jill the Resident Nutritionist here. Quark being very low in fat is a good substitute for other cheeses in bechamel and roux souces like the one Mrs Pantry made for her lasagne. Quark is also a low fat option for using in desserts like cheesecakes or can be eaten with fresh or stewed fruits. There are a few recipes here: that you might want to try or adapt yourself.

    Looking forward to your Quark recipe on Mrs Pntry’s blog!


  4. Mrs P, Dave here, you have my image of Rye on your site, thanks for that. I have been a 100%veggie since 1993, and I welcome your site now that I have found it. I started developing a web site strictly for veggies a couple of years ago, this focussed on Pubs in the UK which have a good range of veggie options. Sadly my mission failed as so few of the pubs in the UK failed to pass my criteria of more than two options on the main course. Rye is a great place to visit and even better to live in, I will be revisiting the location of my linked picture as I need a real good set of high quality images for a new client, so will advise when they are on flickr.
    Thanks again for a great site ~ Dave aka the Saxon King.


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